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07840 445025

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 CrossFit® Kids

“Constantly varied, functional movement, performed at a relatively high intensity with a major emphasis on FUN!”

Here at CrossFit RTV we want to promote a healthy lifestyle for our kids whilst also focusing on how to efficiently use our bodies in a range of different functional movements!

Children are so fortunate, in that they still have great range of movement, fantastic flexibility and endless energy! We want to captivate and use those attributes to positively influence their lives! All whilst having FUN!

Firstly our focus is ensuring that all the kids have FUN. Our emphasis after that will be on movement and being relentless in the pursuit of perfect movement. No loading will be introduced until we are happy and confident that every individual in our classes is moving with precise form.

Mini Machines

Mini Machines is designed for ages 3-6 years. We will use games to disguise physical activity and we introduce the children to CrossFit body weight movements and lifting movement patterns. 30 min Session
Mighty Machines

Mighty Machines is designed for ages 7-11. With this class we will begin to introduce all the fundamental CrossFit® movements with form being of the greatest importance. The sessions will still be focused around fun, and technique drills disguised as games. 45 min Session
CrossFit Teens

This class is for ages 12-18. Our teens will begin at a foundation level – focusing on good mechanics for all CrossFit movements and skills we see in adult CrossFit® classes. We ensure they are performed consistently well before introducing any intensity. The progression in the teens sessions will be monitored closely and adjusted accordingly to continue their development into adulthood. 55 min Session
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