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I came across CrossFit® after getting bored with other fitness regimes. After playing football for multiple years, competing in table tennis, running, circuit training, bootcamps and Olympic lifting, I still needed something else. CrossFit® offers me the variety I desire and I love pushing myself to see what I am capable of. I will always remember my first CrossFit® workout which included a number of movements I'd never done before. I was instantly hooked! Although I'm getting on a bit now, I like to throw myself into the odd competition to give me something to focus my training on.


I was given the opportunity of becoming a coach in 2015 and have loved it ever since. I love seeing people progress and become a fitter, healthier version of themselves. 

  • CrossFit® Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

  • CrossFit® Weightlifting Certificate

  • CrossFit® Gymnastics Certificate

  • CrossFit® Judges Certificate

  • CrossFit® Lesson Planning Certificate

  • CrossFit® Running Certificate

  • CrossFit® Scaling Certificate

  • CrossFit® Spot The Flaw Certificate 



I started CrossFit® in 2014 and like most, found myself instantly hooked.  I love testing my limits and pushing myself whilst being surrounded by like-minded people. This has led to opportunities to compete in many CrossFit® competitions.​​

I became a coach because I am passionate about helping people succeed with their goals and have fun whilst doing it. I most enjoy coaching our gymnastics sessions, seeing peoples reactions after achieving their first pull up or muscle up, push up or handstand push up is a great feeling for me personally. 

  • CrossFit® Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

  • CrossFit® Kids Trainer 

  • CrossFit® Gymnastics Certificate

  • CrossFit® Judges Certificate 


Having discovered CrossFit®, taking part in my first WOD in 2015, it only took a few session before I was hooked.  I have always had an interest in keeping fit and healthy and CrossFit® has a way of pushing you beyond your own expectations whilst complimenting any other sport.

I grew up in world of performing arts with a passion for dance and theatre which I studied from being a toddler until my twenties. I play netball and have dabbled at other sports such as hockey and Korfball.

I discovered early on in life a desire to help and encourage others. There is no better feeling than helping someone achieve something they didn’t think possible. Having coached dance (Juniors and Seniors) and Netball (Juniors and Seniors) for numerous years I am excited to give something back to this great CrossFit® community.


I am a huge advocate of building people up, encouraging a positive mindset and helping people realise their full potential.


  • CrossFit® Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

  • CrossFit® Scaling Certificate 

  • CrossFit® Spot the Flaw Certificate 

  • CrossFit® Judge Certificate 

  • Netball Level 1 Coach



Having Started CrossFit® in 2018 by watching YouTube videos, I found myself trying it out inside an everyday health club, which soon turned into wanting to go into a CrossFit® box to see what it was like.  I took a a trip to the 6am Class @ CrossFit RTV and the rest is history - It’s safe to say i was instantly hooked. The atmosphere within the box, the passion that everyone shared for the same goal, variety it offered, the constant requirement to learn new movements and skills meant i needed more and more of it. There is no other sport which includes a such wide variety of training across various modalities and energy systems creating a well rounded athlete.  

Coming away from Competitive Football and Triathlon it was a massive change for me, but certainly scratched my competitive itch. After just a few years I’ve competed at various competitions across the country and continue to pursue constant improvement within the sport. 

  • CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor

  • Level 3 Sports Nutritional Advisor


I started CrossFit® in 2017 and from the first class was hooked! Up to this point I have competed numerous opens, individual comps, pairs and team comps and loved them all! I love being pushed and, for me, competitions can enable new gears to be tapped into, in a very unique and encouraging environment. 


I am a 'retired' rower, a sport I started at 15 enabling me to achieve a scholarship to Syracuse University in 2008. Then later, winning two gold medals rowing for England in 2011 and rowing the length of a Loch Ness (36k!) in 2021, along with winning a team Rowing Erg Marathon. 


I've been coaching rowing since 2013, ages varying from 13-50+. Alongside rowing coaching, I have taught spinning and circuits. Coaching is such a rewarding job from beginners to elite. Not only can I share my knowledge and love of fitness but am able to continue learning from others experiences. 


  • CrossFit® L1 Trainer (CF-L1)

  • CrossFit® Judges Certification 

  • BSc Health & Exercise Science 

  • Spinning®️ Spin Instructor Certification 

  • US Rowing Coaching Qualification 

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