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Challenge Your Limits


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Workouts are designed for ALL ability levels.

Here at RTV our coaches are passionate about helping you reach your goals, and they will make it fun along the way!

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About CF RTV

Who We Are?

Become a part of something bigger

At CrossFit RTV, we are a community of dedicated people who have a desire to improve our health and fitness. Some want to perform better in their chosen sport, some want to get stronger or lose weight. For others, it’s as simple as being able to get off the sofa unassisted. Whatever your fitness goals, we want to help you achieve them by given you a fun and effective training environment.

We train our athletes using CrossFit® methodologies. We believe this is best way of creating a balanced athlete who is capable across the board of strength and conditioning and endurance.  We are committed to each person that walks through the door. We program your workouts, ensure you are moving correctly and scale workouts if necessary. Our focus is on the mechanics of movement making sure consistency within the movement can be adhered to before increasing the intensity. Although it's the intensity that will give the greatest results, we want to make sure everyone is safe, including those around you.

We pride ourselves on the community we have built at CrossFit RTV. From our owners, coaches and members, we are a family who encourage and support each other inside and outside the gym, while having fun at the same time!



"Great for new comers to CrossFit®. Great focus on mobility, as well as building a good base of strength, power, muscular endurance and cardio vascular endurance. Very friendly environment and excellent coaching."


"Fantastic facility in a beautiful setting. A solid professional, inclusive and wholesome approach to CrossFit® sets RTV into a league of its own. It’s simply fantastic."


"Thoroughly enjoying training at CrossFit RTV and would recommend to anybody looking to give CrossFit® a try. A very friendly environment coupled with knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaches is a winning combination"

What Is CrossFit®?

CrossFit® is a fitness program that produces elite results. Based on constantly varied, functional movements all performed at a high intensity, we combine movements that reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. We will work on a number of aspects of your fitness including Strength, Stamina, Power, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed and Flexibility. CrossFit® offers the benefits of personal training while offering a group training environment. 

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